[Da Ai TV Station]-Fruits and Vegetables Life-Vegetarian leather shoes start from the line

#亚里的菜食 Daily

By Yari
Are many vegetarian friends like me? I don’t want animals to sacrifice their lives because of a pair of shoes, and slowly there are only cloth shoes left in the shoe cabinet...
Today, I went to Gullar to try on "vegetarian leather shoes" for Yali’s daily veggie food. The first impression when I saw the shoes was "I look better than the photos."In fact, the texture looks like real leather at some angles. The boys models have many colors and styles. The girls models are the continuation of the men’s models. There are slightly fewer choices. The most amazing thing is the feeling of wearing it, which is really amazing. The ground is easy to wear, the upper is soft...really! I tried shoes without socks today, and I have been walking for a long time without any problems with grinding my feet. I care about the soles when I choose shoes, because I’m prone to backache after standing for a long time, but the soles of these shoes are supported by the arch of the foot, so it’s no problem to stand for a whole day. Generally speaking, I wear sneakers and functional casual shoes. Sense is similar.
The handsome boss Henry told me that every pair of shoes is hand-made by the shoemaker, so you can also make customized changes according to the width, thickness, and needs of each person's feet. It is completely custom-made shoes. , And the price is only a little higher than the usual sneakers.
I want to share with you the feeling of trying on today. I just hope that friends who are going to buy leather shoes will see this article. This will give "vegetarian leather shoes" a chance. Every purchase has a better choice without harming animals and at the same time. It's good to wear, why not?