Gullar Shoes

Desserto Vegan Cactus Leather - Vegan Leather Green


Material features

  • Desserto authorizes Gullar to sell and promote in Taiwan
  • 100% Vegetal Cactus Leather
  • Origin: Mexico by air
  • Breathable and good elasticity
  • Environmentally friendly: 6 - 8 months cactus can be harvested again
  • No harm to the environment: 100% biodegradable
  • The properties of leather are very similar to animal leather, breathable, flexible and durable, with a lifespan of about 10 years
  • 2020 World LVMH Innovation Award (LVMH 2020 Innovation Award) second place
  • Well-known fashion and sports brands
  • It can be made into clothing, shoes, bags, boxing gloves and car seats, etc.

ordering instructions

  • Three size specifications (CM centimeters):
    1. 30*30 (about one foot) 2. 48*140 (about 0.5 yards) 3. 96.5*140 (about one yard)
  • Items in stock can be shipped within 3-4 working days 
  • Out-of-stock products are made to order, and production will begin after payment is confirmed
  • The ordering period is about three weeks (excluding national holidays), and the delivery is guaranteed within 45 days
If there is an urgent need, please inquire about the inventory before placing a bid

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