【Gullar Vegan】-Pure plant cactus leather pre-order plan


Respect for life and start from the line. Thank customers for their continued support. We have done our best for the care of animals and the environment.

At the beginning of 2020, when we saw Mexico developed pure vegetable fiber leather, we immediately contacted the import development. Although the import and development time was long and the cost was high, we did not hesitate to devote ourselves to development. Towards a pollution-free piece of the puzzle, we have become the first in Taiwan. The products are more natural, and they are also the materials used in the current fashion circle.

Of course, the most important thing is that it does not need to harm any animals, it is more organic, and it is also a more earth-friendly choice.

Start from the line, enter your life, and give you support and encouragement together.
I hope that every customer can feel our intentions through the hard work we bring to everyone.