[Da Ai Global News]-Why does fashion have to be bloodied? The main ``vegetarian leather shoes'' do not use animal leather at all!

Why do you need to get blood if you want fashion? He focuses on "vegetarian leather shoes" and does not use animal leather at all, but emphasizes that the shoes are more breathable and absorb moisture and wick away sweat!

Thanks to Daai Global News for reporting on Gullar Vegan shoes (vegetarian leather shoes). Designed in Taiwan. Non-animal leather does not harm animals. Starting from the line, it uses environmentally friendly materials and is made with functional textile fabrics and insoles to protect animals and the environment. The promotion of comfort integration is committed to creating a Vegan Wigan life circle with everyone [Respect for life starts from the line] Founded in 2016, Gullar is committed to becoming the number one in Asia. The Vegan design brand promises to use non-animal leather materials to create a combination of design, comfort, and craftsmanship. The gentleman's footwear brand is derived from the meaning of "Gonna" and "Gotta" in English, and has a strong positive meaning of "will go" and "must go". We hope that every customer will receive the blessing of life, take firm steps, live a splendid self and practice boldly and fearlessly. Founded in 2017, Gullar offers premium non-animal leather footwear, delicately made by Taiwan's most experienced shoemakers. Gullar advocates the use of vegan leather, combining SuperFabric as its main material along with values of love and gentleman's spirit, in creating one of the most exquisite shoes. Celebrating the fifty years heritage of Taiwan's shoemaking, Gullar transcends the belief to love life, an essential power to fulfill our dreams.