Vegan trends and attitudes


Like European and American designersStella McCartneyThe concept, design and fashion are combined, but it can also have the beautiful concept of caring for animals.

Many people often ask,VeganWhat is the difference with vegetarian food? Simply put, vegetarian food isVeganOne part of the meaning is vegan. From the size of life-food, clothing, housing, transportation, manufacturing process, etc., we adhere to the value and principle of caring for life.

Passion for life isVeganenthusiastic attitude
Love life, bloom its value in a limited time
Love animals, enjoy everything that life brings, fantasy, dream, and madness
But more importantly VeganMore than practice



Everything that imagination brings us
Take a steady step of firmness
No matter what anyone tells us is impossible
Regardless of the values of a materialistic society
As long as we think it’s right, we go all out
Love animals and respect nature
For animals, for others, for yourself VeganAll hold a respectful attitude
Don’t harm animals, don’t harm others, don’t harm yourself
Don’t let yourself harm animals, don’t let others harm yourself, and hope that others will not harm animals
With this attitude, I hope that this attitude can be conveyed to everyone bit by bit.
Even if you’re not vegetarian or vegan, you can start from a small part of your life.
Turn off the light from the tiny things in life, even if it only affects the minimal greenhouse effect
As long as we can make a little contribution to the environment, it is what we encourage

Environmental protection

Human beings are also animals. Under the attitude of mutual respect, we will help each other with the will to coexist and prosper.
Under the attitude of nature, the attitude of environmental protection is reflected in life
Full of lightness and joy  Nature and love
For animals, for friends, for life, we laughed loudly
Bravely practice in a limited life
In every chapter of life, our love for life is stirred

Design attitude

we areGullar This is our attitude towards life
Bring a lot of kindness in the design
Show our unique personality and charm
Whether you areVegan
I hope you will join us in the love of life


Finally, the choice of buying vegetarian leather shoes is up to everyone. You don't need to be a vegetarian. As long as you have a heart for protecting animals, you may wish to experience and buy a pair of comfortable, multifunctional and suitable for you.