Vegetarian shoes

"No animal was harmed by the shoe manufacturing process"

When people talk about a vegetarian diet, they usually mean a diet that does not include meat, eggs, dairy products, and any other animal ingredients. What about vegetarian leather shoes? Do you know what it means?

Vegetarian shoes refer to products that do not use animal materials at all, do not include products that have been tested on animals, and do not include materials that are traditionally used in shoemaking, such as leather, wool, fur, and related refined potions.

Fortunately, the choice of vegetarian leather shoes has been getting better and better in the past few years, not only because most of the shoes currently use synthetic leather, but also because of the advanced technology of materials and the extensive use of synthetic materials, a well-known and active shoe brand on the market , Has secretly made synthetic leather accepted by everyone in these years.


Vegan leather footwear means use100% High-quality synthetic material, without any animal leather content, from sticky rubber substrate, detachable sole, upper, shoelace, shoelace and all parts of the shoe. The progress of synthetic materials also gives us more choices-including better shape and performance, better than animal leather in waterproof, breathability, color fastness, tensile strength certification, etc., and also allows other non-vegetarians to maintain vegetarian leather shoes Brand loyalty.

Superfine synthetic fibers, such asPUwithEVA, Recyclable materials, original rubber, synthetic fabrics, artificial leather and other materials are used to make vegetarian leather shoes. On the topic of concern for leather and animal production of footwear, the use of animals and their by-products in related production has been regarded as cruel behavior by protection groups, famous European and American movie stars, and more and more members of the public. In addition, vegetarian leather shoes are usually cheaper than animal-made shoes, and are now widely accepted in the fashion industry, sports and leisure markets, and are becoming more refined and powerful in design and function.

environmental impact

It is very important to note that vegetarian ingredients are not always "environmentally friendly". It is thought to leave a smaller carbon footprint in comparison. Although byPVCPUThe environmental impact of synthetic leather made of multi-layer composite microfibers is still controversial. However, the tanning of animal leather is undoubtedly more harmful to the environment-it is recognized as one of the world's top ten sources of toxicant pollution and is a long-term concern. Synthetic leather has far less environmental impact than tanning.


Love, the value of life

Vegetarianism is currently regarded as a symbol of a responsible lifestyle-loving animals, respecting and cherishing the value of life of oneself and others, loving the earth, etc.

Finally, the choice of buying vegetarian leather shoes is up to everyone. You don't need to be a vegetarian. As long as you have a love for animals, you may wish to experience and buy a pair of comfortable, multifunctional and suitable for you.