Respect life, start from the line

At the beginning of the brand establishment, the slogan was "respect for life" to "do not harm life".

"Starting from the line" turned into practice.

Gullar's specialty lies in shoes. With our expertise, infusion of ideas and enthusiasm, we enter into product design and comfort, which is reflected in every pair of shoes made for customers.

"Respect for life" is a broader term. And "do not harm lives" is a specific attitude. "Respect for life" is not only about not harming animals. In our promotion, we also share the concepts of "cherish life" and "refuse suicide". We often explain "anti-bullying" and "anti-bullying" and "rejection" in posts, lectures, and live broadcasts. Encouragement and advocacy of "refusal of bullying". "Do not harm animals" even more requires you to "caring for your own life and life."

In the course of life, we are often affected by parents or peers, making you feel frustrated or emotionally affected. In fact, we can have more and better mentalities and ways to communicate. Especially after understanding and cognition, in the moment of suffering, can we have a better judgment and response to the situation. "Refuse to bullying" and "Refuse others to influence one's life and emotions" are the first preventive measures for suffering from inner diseases. Asian culture is deeply influenced by Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. Therefore, when encountering anything, including our teachers, the advice given to us is often "tolerance" rather than "communication." Communicate your dislikes, communicate your refusal to accept the other's suggestions and arrangements, communicate what you really think in your heart, and ask the other party to stop affecting your emotions and life.

With tolerance, suffer more "domestic violence";
With tolerance, the non-treatment of mentally ill patients caused family and social problems.

There can be a better way to deal with and face it, and it is also the true essence of Gullar that Gullar wants to bring to everyone-starting from practice.

When suffering injustice, communicate with the other party "I refuse"
When suffering from the "torture" of the inner voice, communicate with the small voice "I disagree and disagree"
In your heart, you need to be tough and brave to communicate.

This can be practiced-first communicate with yourself!
When you are alone, you can mute your own "I don't want, I refuse, I don't agree, I don't accept". After practicing again and again, after your mentality becomes brave and strong, face the setbacks of people and things in life When bullying with interference, you can do the usual practice of "communication" more calmly and bravely.

Gullar hopes that with every pair of carefully designed shoes, when you suffer from any unsatisfactory, look at these shoes under your feet, and remember the meaning of practice, whether it is for dreams, life, you, me, others, or animal life. To face everything, bravely, time is fleeting, this is your life, every step of yours.

Hope that Gullar will take every step of your courage and practice with you every step of the way.

Respect life, start from the line
Don't harm animals, start from the line

Cherish life, refuse bullying, and practice bravely.