Gullar Shoes

Gullar Natural Cedar Wood Shoe Tree / Cedar Shoetree

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Gullar Shoe Provides good support, moisture absorption and moisture resistance

Different from other products on the market
Provides the following four features:

⭕ Excellent spring support, effectively reducing wrinkles on the upper
Made of natural cedar wood
Metal telescoping rod design
Don't worry about the deformation of the shoes

⭕ Natural cedar wood fragrance, always keep the shoes fresh
Greasy cedar wood
Has a unique natural fragrance

⭕ Refining the surface of pores, absorbing moisture quickly
natural finish
Leaves the largest wood pores
Accelerates moisture absorption
Keep the inside of your shoe dry

⭕ Alloy Grip
Not only can the overall texture be improved again
It is also very convenient to use!

scope of application

All kinds of shoes

intimate reminder

This product is made of natural logs. It is cut from complete cedar logs to retain the most original natural wood grain appearance. It is normal if there are knots and color differences.

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